About Us

The Hairy Man Festival has been an annual event since 1994. It is a family-oriented festival that has raised between $20-35,000 each year in nonperishable food and cash donations. These donations benefit local food pantries and charities serving Williamson County. The festival includes an arts and crafts area with numerous artisans participating. Local civic groups, school clubs, homeowner associations, and charitable organizations raise funds through dozens of food and games booths. There are special performances and live music by local groups and organizations on the Festival Stage. Judged by local community leaders, the festival closes out with the legendary 'Hairiest Man' contest.

The Legend of the Hairy Man 

By Gwen King, Local Historian (video version)  Children whisper tales of a strange hermit, the Hairy Man, who haunts the winding road along the Brushy Creek. Many legends persist about the Hairy Man. Some believe he was an infant accidentally left behind by settlers heading west in the 1800s. Raised by wild animals in the fern bluffs, the Hairy Man viewed the creek as his own. He resented the intrusion of strangers into his territory and would jump out of the trees to frighten people away. Or, hanging from the leafy canopy above the road, he would drag his feet across the top of passing carriages. On one occasion, the Hairy Man attacked a horse-drawn wagon, spooking the horses. The old hermit was supposedly run over by the wagon and killed, and now his spirit lingers along the creek and road. On a silent, moonlit night, perhaps you will see his eerie silhouette on the bluffs along Brushy Creek.

The faint, other-worldly moan that echoes through the night. Is it the sound of the wind as it pushes through the treetops or the lonely cry of a coyote or perhaps....something more sinister?

The Festival is Presented by the Brushy Creek Women's Association

The Brushy Creek Women’s Association provides women in the community an opportunity for personal and family enrichment through community service, knowledge and friendship. The BCWA also offers an outlet for community and civic groups to come together for charitable purposes.The group provides numerous social and service-oriented activities and is a great way to get involved in your community. For more information about joining the group, please contact us at HMF@brushycreekwomen.org.

the Hairy Man